The Team

Professor Natasha Kirkham runs the Learning Lab. She joined Stanford's Psychology Department in 2003 after graduating from Cornell with a PhD in Psychology. In addition to speaking at international conferences, her research has been published in notable scientific journals such as Cognition, Developmental Psychology, and Infancy. Recently, Professor Kirkham taught a class called 'The Infant Mind' and received rave reviews from her students.

Professor Kirkham is joined in the lab by post-doctoral researcher Daniel Richardson, Lisa Smythe, the Lab Director, graduate student Jamie Leach, and an incredible group of research assistants who help with all of our studies

 Professor Natasha Kirhham, PhD
 Phone: (650) 724-4003

 Lisa Smythe, Lab Director
 Phone: (650) 725-0441
 Jamie Leach, Graduate Student
 Phone: (650)

Research Assistants
Dawn Maxey
Megan Reiss
Jessica Whitten
Annemarie Estess


The Learning Lab
Psychology Department
Stanford University
(650) 725-0441